The Anti-Racism & Culture Club (ARCC), is a not-for-profit organisation founded in Munich, Germany, in the dedication to anti-racism, intersectionality, and a diversified socio-cultural norm.  

Reading Corner

Reading books about anti-racism is crucial for anyone looking to better understand and combat racism. These books can provide insight into the history of racism, how it's perpetuated, and how it affects individuals and communities.

Our list of resources is under review, we are currently adding more materials of all kinds, novels, journals, newspaper clippings, textbooks, fiction/non-fiction writing, academic papers, films, music etc.

Here are a few book recommendations to help you get started:

Voices On Tape

Explore our collection of podcasts, audiobooks, and audio snippets - a fresh and engaging way to dive into learning resources. We aim to provide a diverse range of listening materials, but with so much out there, we welcome your suggestions to expand our audio library. Send us any recommendations you have!